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Working on the outreach service during these testing times has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences I have had. Though there are many challenges we face, we have still managed to make sure we can provide our young people with a fun and Covid-safe day.

Following government guidelines, we have been able to provide our young people with the chance to still learn through play, whilst ensuring that we are thoroughly explaining and stressing the importance of self hygiene routines such as regular hand washing and wearing a mask when necessary whilst keeping the experience exciting.

Though it has been a challenging process, I feel we at KCA have successfully been able to ensure both the safety of the staff and young people during our sessions.

Working at KCA, it has been an eye-opening experience and a delight to be able to help our young people out of lockdowns and isolation, as the wider public hope for our lives to revert back to a safer and accessible norm.

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