About Us

Playing on swing in outdoor area

Supporting children and their families with disabilities in Harrow

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide engaging, inclusive, and innovative play and experiential opportunities, which enable learning disabled children and young people to develop their social and emotional resilience in readiness for an active and fulfilling adulthood.

Our Values


You are a valued part of your community.


You are a valued part of your community.


You are supported to do the things you always wanted to do and the things that you never thought possible.


You are asked questions about what you want and need. We listen to you.


You are treated as a valued individual.


You have the right support to lead a full, happy and healthy life


KCA was formed in 2002

It was formed to support local children and young people whose needs were not being recognised and there was an absence of understanding and suitable provision.

Since these beginnings KCA has grown rapidly and has become influential and respected among both statutory and voluntary agencies and most importantly the families who access our services..

COVID19 Update

We are happy to announce that our service will fully reopen again on Monday 20th of July!!!

Our team are looking forward to welcoming back all children and parents! It is going to be business as usual but with some important changes to ensure that we keep our children, parents and staff safe. 

To find out more read our update here

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