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Playing with parachute

The year so far has been very unsettled and challenging for everyone at KCA. We are very proud of the way that our staff have adapted and worked throughout the pandemic. As a result ensuring that we have been able to support children and families with learning disabilities.

It has been a very challenging time with a loss of income; increased expenses and sourcing PPE. As well as supporting staff who have been unwell, isolating and shielding and adapting services.

“KCA has an amazing team who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Enabling us to restart our regular services safely ensuring all children experienced a transition back as seamless as possible. I am incredibly proud of our organisation and our staff for their tenacity and true KIDS CAN spirit throughout.

We have now safely completed a seven week long exciting summer holiday. No matter the great challenges this pandemic has brought to all of us, we are happy that our children have experienced a wide range of fun play activities at KCA. It has been so rewarding to see another summer full of fun and smiles for everyone and we are looking forward to the Autumn term.”

Ilias Kostalas, Operations Manager for Programme Development

Summer Holidays

During the summer children have been able to participate in some great activities, having fun, seeing friends and playing. Parents have also been able to have a much needed respite break after a very difficult lockdown without their usual support networks.

Here are some photos of what we have been up to:

We are looking forward to embracing the challenges that lie ahead. Ensuring our priority is supporting children and young people to be able to engage in fulfilling, fun and positive activities at KCA.

How you can help support KCA

KCA relies on donations and local support in order to make our centre the best it can be. Enabling us to buy specialist resources and equipment to best support our children and young people.  We have an Amazon Wish List and if you are able to it would be fantastic if you could support KCA by purchasing some equipment and toys for the young people we support. Please click here to see our Amazon Wish List.

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