Therapies & Counselling

Unlock your potential and improve your life

Are you or a family member living with a person with Autism or other Learning disability?

Could you benefit from a free counselling or creative therapy service?

It could be about your family member or just about the stresses in your life at the moment. It does not need to be Autism based, but you do need to have a family member with diagnosed disability to qualify for this free service.

We offer two different types of therapies: Creative Therapy and a Counselling service both run by fully qualified and experienced professionals.


The objective is to help you and your family cope with issues that arise within families and take a holistic view, through counselling to prevent family breakdown and stress related ill health.

The sessions help you understand the difference and difficulties that is Autism and/or ADHD and help you understand your Autism and/or ADHD. Sessions can also help you to cope with other emotional problems that are affecting you and your family.

Sessions can be for the young person with Autism or ADHD or it can be for any family member that the condition affects. You are able to have individual sessions, couple sessions or sessions for the whole family. This service is flexible and aims to meet the individual needs of the individual.

Creative Therapy

KCA is providing Creative Therapy sessions to provide long-term support to parents, carers and children living in Harrow and the surrounding areas.

Creative therapy can offer a non-intrusive way of engaging with children, young people and families, enabling them to cope with life challenges, build resilience and self-esteem and gain in confidence. Creative Therapy has a positive impact on health and well-being. Creative therapy can help unlock your potential and build confidence through drawing, painting, playing, sandtray work or talking.

We offer long term therapy to both to give you the opportunity to build strong relationships and trust which will give you the time to address and resolve complex issues.

We work with parents/carers and children, sometimes in parallel, to help build bridges and strengthen family bonds and relationships.

To find out more contact: or call 020 8420 2300

This project is funded by The Big Lottery Fund