Holiday Schemes

Holiday Schemes are delivered during school holidays and half-term periods, week days, between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

The holiday schemes are broken down into 2 separate schemes depending on your child’s needs, age and interests.

Play Scheme

Our play scheme is for children aged 5 to 12 years and runs from KCA Monday to Friday.

Each holiday the children take part in themed-related activities, which include arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, cooking, storytelling, sports and group games with some local trips. We give a lot of emphasis on sensory play which includes messy and creative activities.  The children have access to a variety of fun activities and resources of their choice, which include sand and water play, sensory toys, music, drama, role play resources, arts, outdoor games trampoline, bouncy castle, technology equipment, various mark making equipment and many more.

Youth Scheme

This group runs from KCA for young people aged 13-17 years, Monday to Friday. The activities are based on developing young people’s independence and social skills encouraging them to lead the activities they wish to do.

The scheme provides a mixture of both site based activities and trips in the community. Activities include music, arts and games but also accessing local community facilities such as parks, Thames Valley Adventure Playground, bowling, golf and many more.  Site based resources include a large social room where the young people can socialise and take part in activities of their choice, a relaxation room and a technology and games room.

To find out more contact: Megan Irvine, Play & Youth Manager or call 020 8420 2300