KCA News Update

The year so far has been very unsettled and challenging for everyone at KCA. We are very proud of the way that our staff have adapted and worked throughout the pandemic. As a result ensuring that we have been able to support children and families with learning disabilities. It has been a very challenging timeContinue reading “KCA News Update”

Mental Health Support Resources

Our family worker has complied a list of mental health support resoucse which may be useful in helping you at this difficult time. For further support from our family workers please get in touch family.service@kidscanachieve.co.uk How are you feeling? There is an assessment available through the NHS website to help you understand how you areContinue reading “Mental Health Support Resources”

Access Self Storage Harrow sets aside 50 square foot storage space to collect Easter Eggs for Kids Can Achieve

In 2019, Access Self Storage Harrow collected more than 200 Easter Eggs for Children’s Charity the Log Cabin  Can the team and the community beat this egg record this Easter for Kids Can Achieve? The annual Access Self Storage Harrow charity Easter Egg Appeal is now open! Anyone wishing to take part can donate aContinue reading “Access Self Storage Harrow sets aside 50 square foot storage space to collect Easter Eggs for Kids Can Achieve”

Grant from the Peoples Postcode Lottery

We are really excited to announce Kids Can Achieve has been awarded funding from Postcode Community Trust to fund creative therapy and counselling sessions. The funding of £10,800 is thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery. This funding will support young people with learning disabilities to live healthier, happier and safer lives. ItContinue reading “Grant from the Peoples Postcode Lottery”

Charter House Accountants Charity of the Year

We are very pleased to announce that Charter House Accountants have chosen us as their charity of the year for 2019/2020 Charter House have very kindly adopted our minibus for the year paying for all of the running costs and maintenance as well as giving it a much needed make over. We are very excitedContinue reading “Charter House Accountants Charity of the Year”