Grant from the Peoples Postcode Lottery

Peoples postcode lottery

We are really excited to announce Kids Can Achieve has been awarded funding from Postcode Community Trust to fund creative therapy and counselling sessions.

The funding of £10,800 is thanks to support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This funding will support young people with learning disabilities to live healthier, happier and safer lives. It will give them access to therapeutic interventions which will help reduce stress related ill health, help understand how their disability affects them and provide support to cope with emotional problems. It will also build resilience and self-esteem, help prevent family breakdown, reduce suicide risk and address bullying.

This is a vital service for children with learning disabilities and their families, as there is nothing else like this on offer in the borough. NHS waiting lists for therapies and counselling are too long, with families not being seen until they are beyond crisis point.

Our project will offer creative therapy on a one to one basis which is a non-intrusive way of engaging young people. Creative therapy has a positive impact on health & well-being & will help unlock potential & build confidence through the use of drawing, painting, playing, sand tray work or talking.

“This grant will have a huge impact on children and young people with learning disabilities and their families living in Harrow, we have been offering creative therapies for a number of years and it has had far reaching impact with many families including stopping young people from committing suicide, preventing family break downs and improving family relationships.  We are so pleased that the Postcode Community Trust has enabled us to carry on delivering such worthwhile support to families in need”.

To access our creative therapies and to find out more visit our therapies page here

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