Big Lottery Grant Success!

Group picture of children at KCA

Big Lottery Grant Success!

We have been awarded a huge three year grant of over £400,000 by the Big Lottery fund. The grant will enable KCA to provide support to children with special needs in the borough in partnership with another local charity, The Centre for ADHD and Autism Support.


The funding from the Big Lottery builds on an earlier grant awarded in
2013. The grant will fund a spectrum of support for children and young
people with special needs: drop-ins, a crèche, group work, 1-1 work,
counselling and art therapy. The project will also employ a family worker to
offer information, advice and support, while a youth transition project will
support young people aged 14-25 as they move from childhood to

The outgoing Chair of KCA Simon Jarrett and the newly appointed Chair
Carol Foyle said in a joint statement:

‘We are deeply grateful to The Big Lottery fund for the great faith
they have shown in KCA by awarding this grant. The work will be
absolutely vital, creating better life opportunities for the children we
work with and their families.

We are delighted to have brought this investment into Harrow and
once again have shown how well-run, dynamic local charities can
boost the lives of people who live here and the local economy.
We look forward to working with our partner The Centre for ADHD
and Autism Support, in making maximum use of this wonderful grant.
The fact that Big Lottery have boosted our funding by 50% from our
previous project is terrific testimony to the confidence they have in

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